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The Home Equity Line-of-Credit is often a great way to take cash out of your home for improvements, or debt consolidation.

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Do you need to refinance? Perhaps you are looking for a lower rate, or to pay off debt. We can help!

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Michael George started in the mortgage business in 2001. He prides himself on being able to help clients find the best loan for their situation.

Michael (Arizona Wholesale Mortgage) is brokered with dozens of lenders; which means he can “shop” your rate and offer you the best deal that he can find.

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We encourage clients and potential clients to call anytime with questions. If you’d like, we can pre-qualify you for an Arizona mortgage, right over the telephone.

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A mortgage broker is different from a direct mortgage lender (such as your bank). When you go to a broker, that broker can shop the rates of many different lenders on your behalf. You could call your local bank for mortgage rates; or you could call a broker, who will call your bank and 20 others!

We specialize in consumer real estate lending. Meaning, we can help you get a commercial loan, but we mostly deal with consumers who are purchasing a home or refinancing. We are great with first time home buyers!

It doesn’t cost anything to hire a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker will be compensated from the bank they “place” the loan with. This is another reason why choosing a broker is usually preferred over a direct lender.

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